14th Annual Asia Pacific V94.3A/V84.3A Users’ Conference

The Users’ Conference is organized annually to provide industry members with an open forum for dialogue to share, learn, and improve operation and maintenance practices related to gas turbines for power generation.

The conference attracts C-suite management and senior engineers from Power Plant companies in the Asian region. Rotating amongst Asian countries such as Malaysia, UAE, Vietnam, China and New Zealand, the conference returns to Singapore once again after a 10 years absence.

For 2018, key speakers from power plant companies will share their knowledge and experience in gas turbines operations and maintenance; as well as leading engineers from Siemens Gas Turbines’ Division updating the delegates on the latest innovations and case studies. Each day of the conference would end with a networking dinner, providing ample opportunities for delegates and speakers to share openly their experience and extend the knowledge sharing beyond the conference room.

A site visit to a power plant on Jurong Island will also take place on day 1 of the conference, allowing especially foreign delegates, an opportunity to see first hand the smooth operations of a Singapore power plant.

Monday 8th October

18:00 – 21:00  Welcome Reception at Orchard Hotel – Hosted by Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis

Tuesday 9th October

08:15   Registration & Coffee

08:45   Welcome by Host:  Welcoming Remarks

Administrative Points by Users’ Group Secretary:   Mr. Adrian Traves (First Gen Corporation)

09:00   Presentation by Arnold Group

09:40   Presentation by Sulzer

10:20   Morning Coffee break

10:50   Presentation by Ansaldo Energia

12:15   Lunch – Sponsored by Ansaldo Energia.

13:15   Presentation by Mechanical Dynamics &Analysis.

13:55   Presentation by Camfil

14:35   Close of Day 1 Session

14:40   Plant Tour of PacificLight Power Pte Ltd on Jurong Island

17:00   End of Plant Tour

18:00    Sunset Bumboat Cruise along the Singapore River

19:00    Scrumptious Indian Buffet Dinner hosted by PacificLight Power Ltd Pte

20:30     End of Day 2 Program

Wednesday 10th October

08:20   Presentation by First Gen Corporation

08:40   Presentation by Huaneng Shanghai

09:00   Presentation by PV Power – Ca Mau

09:20   Presentation by EGAT

09:40   Presentation by YTL Power Seraya

10:00   Morning Coffee Break

10:30   Presentation by Phu My 3

10:50   Presentation by PacificLight Power Pte Ltd

11:10   Presentation by Uniper (Cottam DevelopmentCentre)

11:30   Presentation by EDRA

11:50   Presentation or early start of Open Forum discussion

12:10   Presentation or early start of Open Forum discussion

12:30   Lunch – Jointly Sponsored by Arnold Group and EMW Filtertechnik.

13:30   User Open-Forum

14:15   Changeover

14:20   Siemens: Welcome and Introduction

14:50   Afternoon Coffee Break

15:20   “Shaping the future of F-class technology” (Thomas Schmuck)

15:30   “Siemens Digital Services – Data analytics combined with OEM experience” (Steffen Skreba)

16:00   “Asset Performance Management – One Key to O&M in the Digital Age” (Stefan Schaab)

16:30   “Modernisation and Upgrades 1” (Marc Tertilt, Tjark Eisfeld)

17:00   Close of Day 2 Session

18:15    Dinner Sponsored by Siemens

21:00   End of Day 3 Program

Thursday 11th October

09:30  “Siemens: Welcome Back” (Martin Braun)

09:35   “Modernisations and Upgrades 2” (Marc Tertilt)”

09:50   “From GT upgrade to total plant upgrade” (Andreas Feldmueller)

10:15    “Brown Field Engine Exchange Program for F-Class Gas Turbines” (Christoph Schuenemann)

10:45    Morning Coffee Break

11:15     “Gas turbine engineering” (Christian Baehr, Tjark Eisfeld)

12:15     Lunch – Sponsored by Siemens

13:15     “Market places – explore the technology of the future”

15:30    “Siemens: Your questions, Our answers”

16:10    Close of Siemens sessions (Martin Braun)

16:15     Administrative points by Users’ Group Secretary

  • Approval of minutes from 2017
  • Host for 2019
  • Appointment of Chairperson (if a Host comes forward)
  • Election of Secretary for 2019
  • Election of new members
    • Uniper
  • Any other business

16:30  14th Annual Conference Close

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